Wednesday 28 September 2011

Yarn along - A bit of this, a bit of that!

 Haven't really been able to settle to anything this last week, well that's not quite true, I have, but there are various things I can't do with different members of the family around.  The cable bag is my default, so that is coming along nicely. 

I missed a friends little lads birthday, so am making a present as a belated gift.  A fishing game, whose pattern is here on ravelry.  But am now awaiting some stronger magnets to finish it off.  So I will get everything to the point of having to add the magnets, and then hopefully it will be done soon after they arrive.
 The granny stripe can only be done in the absence of my FIL, so it is coming along, but a little slowly. 
 And I am also working on a project that can only be done in the absence of my Mum, but as that is not strictly knitting or crochet, I will talk about that at a later date!

My reading has been similarly ad hoc.  Introducing myself to a little yoga (oh my how awful is my balance!!), and plodding my way through Everyday Blessings.  A lovely book, but when the day is done, and I am exhausted I only ever seem to manage a couple of pages before sleep overtakes me.  This is not due to the book, I am like it with most books I try to read at bedtime!!
Thank you Ginny for providing a little bit of focus for my projects, it's about as focussed as I have been all week!!


  1. I keep meaning to make a granny stripe blanket to throw over the sofa during winter. Yours looks like it is coming along nicely. :)


  2. I am in awe of your granny stripe. Your fil will love it. Lots of secret projects on the go, Claire - the fishing game looks fun.
    I took almost a year to read Everday Blessings, a couple of pages at a time, when J was a baby. I loved it though. xx

  3. That sounds like me - lots of different projects at the same time, some I can't do when I'm with certain people too. I really should join this yarn-along - maybe it would focus me a little!

    Your projects are coming on lovely x

    The Kabat-Zinn book looks interesting.

  4. Oh do join in Dawn, it is lovely seeing what other people are up to, and it is also a lovely record to see how things are coming along when it seems that you are only doing little bits here and there (or is that just me?!)

  5. The fishing game looks like a lot of fun, hope the magnets come quickly.
    Loving the colours in the granny stripe.
    Like you I have a number of half started projects, I enjoy the variety.
    Enjoy the reading.


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