Monday 5 September 2011

WarHammer weekend

 As an early birthday treat for Luke, we had a trip to WarHammer world in Nottingham on Saturday.  Inspiration was all around us.  We found the model (above) that Luke is painting up for the Golden Daemon Young Bloods competition at the end of September.  And his is comparable, which is amazing for a nearly 13 year old!

I was awestruck at lightening effect on the cloak of this Dark Elf.  When you think that all these models are just plastic or resin, it is a real testament to the talent of some these artists that they can do such amazing things with them.
 There was awesome scenery.
 There were wood elves (my current collection)
 And amazing artwork.  I'm a bit of a sucker for a dragon!

 Father and son in admiration of the models.
 And besides the gorgeous food we had in Bugmans Bar, which is decorated a la Goth, Sophie managed to pluck up the courage to give an ork a very quick hug! (I wasn't quite fast enough to capture the complete hug!)
A great day out, followed by a day of WarHammer at the club as a special event.  I think it is fair to say we were both inspired, and worn out by the end of it all!  I even neglected the knitting and did some painting, but I won't show you as it is nowhere near as good as the stuff they have on show at WarHammer World!

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  1. The dragon picture is amazing! Hoping my boys get into this one day (I might have to 'help' it along lol) xx


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