Monday 19 September 2011

This weekend...

... we learned about  wasps nests.  Ethan found this little nest on the way up to the shops on Saturday morning.  So we talked about how they get the wood, and make a paper out of it, and how each cell has a grub that will form into a wasp.
Once we got to the shops there was a little fair on the green which had a local beekeeper with his bees there, along with the honeycomb.  So we were able to compare the bee and the wasp.  There was also an apple press there, so we learned how to first of all break up the apples, then put them in a cheese bag, and press them.  Both Alec and Ethan had a go at the pressing, and we all had a go at the tasting of the end product. 

Sunday we went to a local craft centre, and they had a sculpture trail.  One of the sculptures fascinated them all, a moving, balanced sculpture which you could get spinning in all fancy ways.  However, when it got knocked over, we then had an opportunity to learn all about balance, fulcrums etc, and an increased awe at how this particular structure was made, as we attempted to put it all back together again!

Luke also learned alot about time management, doing himself proud with two projects and two other pieces of homework completed along with more painting on his model for a WarHammer competition for next weekend.  Although, I may have to have a word with the school about the amount of homework (we're only two weeks into term, and it already excessive!)

So just a few examples of things that we picked up this weekend, nothing special, but lovely nonetheless!


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