Wednesday 21 September 2011

Win some, lose some

 Joining in with Ginny again at Small Things, for her yarn along.  This week there are some successes and failures.  I was messing about with a heart last night, started making it with some left over yarn from some wool my MIL treated me too (King Cole Riot).  I then thought is would be very symbolic to stuff it with some of lavender we dried from the wreath from her coffin.  So now I have a personal memento of such a special lady.  The lady who, in fact, taught me to crochet.

The failure was this Ipod case I made to put in my Misi shop.  Lots of little niggly things that make me just not happy with it. The sides aren't straight, the butterfly isn't quite symmetrical, and it just doesn't seem right.  So if any one wants an Ipod/Iphone cosy for free, let me know, as I don't even have one!
 And as far as reading goes, this is probably a bit of a cheat, as I only got lent this book today but am already loving it, and it is feeling very right, and am looking forward to doing some experimenting.


  1. I love that wee heart Claire - what a beautiful reminder for you - and the ipod case looks fine to me. I want to do a heart garland for the fireplace Not sure I could do the raw food bit - much too cold here for that. xxx

  2. Both the heart and the Ipod case look great to me too. That book is inspiring.

  3. What a beautiful memento that heart is, lovely idea :) The ipod case looks good to me too :)

  4. Really sweet story about your MIL.



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