Sunday 23 May 2010

Summery days #2

What to do on a balmy May day? The thought of joining with the masses of people in parks nearby did not appeal, but a walk in a wood, that always goes down well. Unfortuantely we couldn't get to the wood we wanted to go to due to lack of carparking. But we went on a bit of an adventure. Found a footpath sign, found a layby, and started walking! We came across the most enormous field, the boys enjoyed a good run around!
After generally missing the cow pats in another field (Luke was the first to find one with his foot!) we came across some more animals sheltering from the heat of the day.

The boys were concerned we would never find our way back again, so there were squeals of delight when we rounded a corner and found our little layby and car. So we settled down for the picnic in the shady knoll by the car.

And luck should have it, we found a pub on our way home, so stopped for further refreshments! This was the first time we actually saw any other people, so a wonderful, peaceful, natural, summery day out.

Summery days #1

Summery days bring evening barbeques, with not "that" much eating happening on behalf of the children!

Wednesday 19 May 2010


... for not blogging for a while. Life seems so full of living at the moment, I scarcely have time to acknowledge what we are up to before life moves on to the next thing!

Alec and Ethan swam 50metres and 5 metres respectively the other week. Luke faced disappointment in that his swimming style was not up to scratch to gain his 2000m, but he is dealing with it, and is going to keep at it.

The allotment is taking up alot of time, which is lovely as it is so relaxing, and a wonderful allotment neighbour has been helping out on the plot, as Mum pulled her back the other week, and Sophie is not keen on helping much! Although I did find her sat in one of the potato trenches trying to bury her legs earlier today!!

Sophie has also discovered the "off" switch on my computer, which really is a good thing, as she has far greater influence over me than my own will power!!

I've held a fairtrade coffee morning, which was a lovely event. I am now hoping to arrange a summer fair to support local mums who have little side-lines and give them an opportunity to publicise themselves, but also to raise some money for Breast Cancer Awareness. A dear friend is fighting this at the moment. Her children are the same ages as my older three, but she is single. She is being so strong, I don't know where she finds her strength, she really is an inspiration.

I have so many projects I want to do, and keep getting books to read too, but I get about 1/2 an hour in the evening, before I fall asleep to do something! Therefore things are on a "go slow!!"

I am looking forward to meeting up with some parents from the Green Parent forum at the end of the month, assuming Sophie doesn't come down with chickenpox, as she was exposed to it on the day of the coffee morning. And we also have a wedding to go to soon. I was hoping to have made a skirt to wear for it, but unless a miracle happens I can't see that happening in time!!

There has been plenty more of general life happening, and I am grateful for the ordinariness of it all. What a priviledge it is to just live, in comfort, with happy children and a happy husband. I really am very lucky.

Tuesday 4 May 2010

Across the years

During a recent sort out, Stuart came across an old steam engine he had as a child, and thought the boys might find it interesting. So water was added to the water chamber, a fire was lit underneath, and we waited til a head of steam built up.

The look on Ethan's face was of open-mouthed wonder once the wheel started spinning as it really does shift! They all took turns blowing the whistle. We talked about steam engines, mining, trains, why it stops when there is no steam, etc. They all now want to take it into school to share with their class mates.