Friday 24 September 2010

Just a little bit poorly

But well enough to start wondering about what life is like for blind people, and therefore exploring Braille. And writing his name in Braille
And just a little crafting for the season table.
I love these days when they are just not well enough to be at school, but well enough to do stuff at home. Stuart even commented that he's probably learnt more at home than he would have at school!

Thursday 23 September 2010

Welcome... favourite season.

Spotting the wonderful dewey spider webs first thing in the morning. The freshness of the air. Seeing a years hard graft at the allotment turn into preserves stacking up in the garage. The colours, the rustle of the leaves. The mystery and intrigue of those foggy mornings. The coolness of the evenings, making you long for home, blankets and a fire. Having family all around on those darker evenings, spending time together, chatting, laughing, singing, crafting. Pumpkin Pie, steamy vegetable soup.

A few of my favourite things I think of when I think of Autumn. Welcome.

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Piggy obsession

The start of Sophie's obsession with pigs all started at the farm shop. She loved going to see them as we called in to get out own food. When one of the women who worked there took her to feed the pigs, it cemented her love for them.

So today, we asked if there was any food to go to the pigs, and we took it down ourselves.
Feeding them carrots, cabbage, leek, plums, tomatoes, and pears.
They were very grateful.
And then Sophie started beckoning to them, wanting them all to come back up to the car with us so they could all come to our house!

Saturday 11 September 2010

Getting organised

There are a few of my favourite bloggers who are introducing more rhythm into their lives (all home-schooling), and it has hit a note with me. Life at home is usually the children doing "their things" and me doing "my things" whilst entertaining Sophie as well! And I suppose this is how it is with older children, and was certainly acceptable when Sophie was little, as she would get as much out of seeing me do things than she would playing. However, she is older now, and I really do need to introduce more things into her day.

I am not one for structure at all, getting something out of the freezer for tea ready to defrost over the course of the day is being organised for me! However, my children need me to be more organised, Alec is now bringing homework home from school (have never made him do it up til now, but he will get marks against his name if he doesn't do it at his new school), so this needs me to be organised, as does Sophie's increasing disposition to melting down if her needs are not met.

So, structure! I really DO need to honour Sophie's need for sleep. She will no longer fall asleep if she is tired, she will continue if there is stimulation until she reaches breaking point (which this week happened to be on the way on the bus), so sleep times need to be structured in. Which then leaves the morning to do some activities. This week we have done trampolining, play-dough, playing with the farm, playing with Sylvanian families, and painting. I do actually feel a bit daft writing that down, with the other children this is what we did naturally, without me having to think about it, I was so much more child-led at that point. But then I had no hobbies, no way of defining myself, I was simply a mum and nothing else. I would love to return to that, but I have more commitments now, allotment mainly! So perhaps a structure is the way to go.

It has been difficult doing the morning school run as well. Life, especially for Luke, seems so busy. So many things he wants to do, but school gets in the way, and he therefore tries to get it done in the evenings, leading to some rather late nights, which does not bode well for the following morning! It is such a dilemma, trying to do things other than the things that HAVE to be done. The "must do" things are so mundane ie sleep, eat, go to school, homework. The things he'd rather be doing are so much more interesting, ie WarHammer, building a remote control car, playing out with friends. I think we really could do with much longer days, or Luke would much prefer less school!

Our structure therefore is going to be very loose. Basically, trying to get all the mundane things done in an orderly fashion, and at the right time, leaving as much time as possible for all the fun stuff!

Wednesday 8 September 2010


Luke is 12! Let me say that again, my first born is 12!!

He was rather disappointed at having to go to school on his Birthday, especially as he had so much new WarHammer to build, along with a Tamiya remote control car he has to build from scratch! But whilst he was at school, we were busy at home making it ready for his return. Ethan (who was a little unwell, and therefore not at school) made a lovely picture to put on the front door.
We decorated the lounge.
We made the cake.
Then we had a little tea party, topped off with cake and candles.
A game of Ludo...
And after listening to some Beethoven, Handel, and Holst, they settled on some good old AC/DC! Another fine example of the eclectic musical tastes in this house!
Our gorgeous little boy, who was the first to teach us the beauty and wonderment of parenthood. The child who looks at things in a completely different way, and asks questions I had never even thought of. Who astounds everyone with his talents at drumming, writing, and WarHammer, and who has all the time in the world for litte children. Thank you for being you, and I look forward to sharing your journey into the teenage years.

Monday 6 September 2010

Mama Made Monday - drumstick bag

Since Christmas I have been wanting to make a drumstick bag for Luke to be able to put his sticks in. I have eventually managed to make it for his Birthday tomorrow, it only took half a day, so why it took since Christmas to get my act together I don't know! There are three pockets for drumsticks on the front, and then that flash of red is the lining for the back pocket where he can store his music. It has a flap that covers all this, fixed with a press-stud, and strap on the back to sling it over his shoulder when going out and about. I hope he likes it. And on a completely unrelated note, just look at the produce of 1 1/2 hours harvesting down the lottie today! I'm really pleased with the potatoes, very little damage to them, and some good roasters there! The winter purple sprouting is sprouting already, and we got our first sweetcorn cob today too! More apples and plums, the last of the onions, one courgette, and a bag full of runner beans (courtesy of a neighbouring plot holder who had too much for her needs!)
I am not even going to start thinking as to what to do with it all at the moment, the focus for tomorrow will be Luke, and his 12th birthday.

Sunday 5 September 2010


Lots of these from the allotment. Now I have worked out how to get them whilst they are edible (ie pick them just before they get ripe) means there probably won't have to be as much of... ...this being made! Apple and Plum jam, all from the lottie. Those kilner jars hold quite a bit, so it should keep us going for a while.
Some foraged damsons from a trip to our local park ended up as some Damson Gin...
...along with some damson jam. I just love the colour, smell and taste of damson jam.
And it looks like there's some more preserving on the horizon. Two marrows to be turned into marrow and ginger jam, and look at these green tomatoes. I discovered my tomato plants had blight, so had to pick all the fruit before the blight spread to them. So green tomato chutney is now on the cards too.
I'm also wanting to do some hedgerow cordial, more damson things, sloe gin, apple chutney, and mincemeat. Looks like I'll be spending a good few hours in the kitchen then!