Saturday 14 March 2009

Much making, socialising, and nursing

I seem to have gone into creative overdrive at the moment. Much to the boys delight, and to be honest, my surprise. I bought a Jean Greenhowe book with animal patterns in, so made a mummy duck to go with my chick made by Michelle. Apparently now I have to make a daddy duck too! In now feel a little more confident in my knitting skills now, so my next thing (after the daddy duck) is this.

Quite a while ago I saw some fabric in a charity shop, which I just had to buy. It has already made a new peg bag, Ethan's book bag and PE bag for school, and is now providing Sophie with a dress. It is very nearly done now, and as my first attempt at making clothes, I can honestly say I am rather impressed with myself. I will post a picture of the finished item hopefully in a couple of days.

Finally, to go with my handmade pledge, I have made some beanbags for a lads birthday tomorrow. 4 bean bags of different colours and shapes, filled with split yellow peas, and a felt letter blanket stitched to each one, spelling out his name. Now I hope it will be well received, as I get the impression he is more into plastic figures etc, but my lot certainly seem to like them! I may well make a stock pile of beanbags, and then all I have to do is the letters for when a childs birthday comes up!

Ethan, bless him, has had an ear infection all this last week. Whilst he is no longer in pain, it has left him rather deaf, which is very frustrating for us, and he seems to be shouting all the time, just so he is heard in his own head. Note to self, remember to tell his teacher he can't hear at the moment! Sophie has also been fighting off a cold, along with teething, so it has been rather difficult to get much done (apart from the crafty bits!)

For Fairtrade fortnight I had a rather successful coffee morning at home. I had handed out lots of invites, and many people turned up, which was wonderful, as some had not been to one of my coffee mornings before. I love promoting fairtrade, and I'm getting some regular orders too now, which is fantastic, as it means people are thinking about what they buy regularly, not just on a whim.

This last week I was due to meet with some GP mums. Unfortunately many were unable to make it, but I did get to meet the lovely Sarah, and her little daughter (with the most fantastic squeaky shoes!) It is very inspiring to meet with people who have similar ideals, and just talk, and talk. I feel as if we could have talked all day, but time was against us. I think we will be meeting up again soon, hopefully with a few more people.

Last but not least, the chooks... We are now getting three eggs a day from our little ladies. And in the space of a week we have had one double yoker, and one teeny egg. The double yoker got eaten, but the little one is going to be blown, decorated and added to the season table. Betty seems fully recovered from another bout of some infection,and hopefully that will be it, as she is proving a very expensive chicken!

When I come to write all this down, it make me realise how much has been going on recently. Fortunately it's all pretty much good at the moment, and I count my blessings for this.

Monday 2 March 2009

Wedding Anniversary

13 years today, Stuart and I devoted our lives to each other. So much has happened in that time, and I am very much looking forward to growing older with him, and seeing what path our lives take together.

We are off out for a romantic meal for 6 tonight, so we'll see how that goes;)