Friday 9 September 2011

A Teenager in our midst!!

 I know it is a cliche, but really, where does the time go?  That tiny 6lb 8oz baby, that turned our lives upside down, pacing back and forth in the evenings wishing that the colic would go away, gazing in wonderment that we could be blessed with such a beautiful baby, but scared that we were going to get things wrong.  It certainly doesn't seem 13 years ago.  But it is!  Luke is now 13!!

He was rather disappointed that the first day back at school fell on his birthday, but looking on the bright side, he decided it was probably better than a few days into term where he would be expected to do some work!

The war gaming theme continues throughout his birthday.  The cake with dice that add up to 13, along with point counters.
 We decided that a key to the house would be a symbolic gift for him turning into a young man.  We commisioned a key fob with the Protectorate of Menoth symbol (Luke's current WarMachine army) on it from Pippa.  He was absolutely over the moon with it, and was more excited about that than the surprise Xbox!
The day before his birthday was RedWarSoc (the wargaming club), so they took some cakes along that we had decorated with a template of more WarMachine symbols and cocoa powder.  It went down a storm with the geeks!  So simple too!
 And just to show what happened when I got complacent about knowing the recipe for the cake!  Added baking powder by mistake!!  It did make for a nice flat top on the cake though!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Luke and to you and Stuart. What a wonderful birthday it seemed - and I love the key fob. xx

  2. Happy Birthday Luke, beautiful key fob from the talented Pippa - keep looking at her things and want to order something just can't choose.

    blessings to the family xxx

  3. Oh your poor oven, that must have been no fun to fix! I like the key to the house and key fob idea.

  4. Happy Birthday, Luke! What a wonderful celebration. :)

  5. Thirteen is certainly a special age and I'm glad Luke had a good birthday. I'm really glad that he liked the keyring too, I had fun making it. xxxx

  6. Happy Birthday to Luke! And what a wonderful and thoughtful present. I only hope I can find gifts as meaningful as my children grow up. :) xx


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