Thursday 1 September 2011

Adventures in sourdough

Back in June we got given Herman. If you have never heard of Herman,let me explain.  Herman is a sourdough friendship cake, which you have to nurture over the course of a week and a half.  He is fuelled by sugar, flour and milk, along with yeast that he has picked up on his travels.  At the end of the process you have a cake to bake, and starters to pass on to friends. 
 We have loved having Herman with us, but it is time for him to move on now, as there really is only so much cake you can eat, and my waistline is slowly expanding!!  I wish I could have passed him on to many of my friends online, but it would be a very messy parcel that arrived in the post, as he does not like to be confined!!  However, our Herman has travelled to Wales,and down to London, and has quiite a few off-spring in  our local area too!

One of his off-spring then underwent a spectacular transformation in the capable hands of our friend Paul, and has returned to us as a starter for Sourdough bread. Sourdough bread is something I have wanted to try to make for a long time. So I made my first loaf last night.

I think the verdict is out on it at the moment.  A lovely tasty bread, but makes very heavy sandwiches.  Would be great for rolls for soup, or as a dipping bread, but we tend not to use that kind of bread very much.  It is a shame, as I really hoped we would enjoy sourdough bread more.  Although, I was wondering how I was going to fit in all the little things you have to to it over the course of 24 hours to get your loaf!  I have been spoilt with my bread maker I think!

Thank you Herman for letting us join you on your adventures.

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  1. we've had a few Herman's too. I have only attempted a sourdough apple cake with our Herman and his offspring. The bread looks amazing!


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