Saturday 3 September 2011


 How can we have lived in the West Midands for the whole of our lives, and never visited the Clent Hills? We've known about them, driven past them, but never visited. We have really been missing out! Stuart came home from work yesterday, after his half day of work on a Friday. The sun was shining, there was a warm breeze, and he suggested we went to invesigate the hills. What a fantastic idea. I will let the pictures tell the rest, needless to say, we will be going back there many times in the future.

 The boys found a good sliding slope!
 The views were breathtaking.
 The colours were beautiful, and a glimpse at what it will be like once autumn arrives.

 Luke used Sophie's pushchair to go down inclines big and small.  We found him at the bottom of hills having used it as a go-kart!
 The highest spot.
 We reckon the green field on the hillside would be perfect for our hobbit hole!

We will be back!


  1. Beautiful x
    It's funny how we miss those things on our doorstep sometimes, at least you have now found a new place to explore and enjoy.

  2. We love the Clent Hills too, it's a great place to just take a picnic and spend the day mooching :-) xx


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