Friday 27 January 2012

Springtime smiles

Now, if I was an excellent photographer, who had a wonderful zoom lens, and carried her camera with her wherever she went, then I would be able to add some photos to this post. But I don't have a fantastic zoom lens, I don't carry my camera when I go to let Hetty out in the morning, or when doing the school run, and I am at best a mediocre photographer, so I guess words will have to do!

Anyhow, it all started this morning, going to let Hetty out, and I was stunned by the number of birds I saw. There were the usual suspects, the starlings that are roosting in the space between the ceiling of the first floor, and the floor of the attic room. There were wood pigeons, crows, magpies, and then the more occasional visitors such as a flock of long-tailed tits, and a visit from our ring-necked parakeet who always makes me smile when I hear him call. Apparently he has been named Peter by some of the neighbours, and has even been in the local paper a couple of times! So, all in the matter of a minute this morning, I had noticed all these birds.

Then on the walk back from school this morning, a tiny little flash of yellow over my head, and a little firecrest flew into a nearby bush, what a busy little fella he was too, flitting from branch to branch. And bringing another smile to my face.

I have noticed the birds singing with all the gusto they can muster recently. Sophie and I stopped to listen to a robin in full flow the other day. It was beautiful, and gave me a feeling that Spring will soon be here. Combined with all the flowers that are already showing their heads, (I've already seen snowdrops, crocus', daffodils and even a grape hyacinth!) I really do think that Spring is just around the corner.

What have you spotted around and about that has brought a smile to your face recently?


  1. Similarly I don't always have my camera, or the ability to capture the birds - they often fly away before I can snap them! So many different birds around, the birdsong on our morning walk to school is amazing, spotting all the busy birds flying around.

    Yes, snowdrops, crocus, daffs, grape hyacinth's all in flower around here, many of the hedgerows and trees are budding and a few bursting; have seen the greens of the bluebells growing strong and Camelias and the like in full colour. It's a mixed up time, our lavender has been producing new flowers recently too!

    Hoping that Spring is just around the corner, but have this feeling deep down that we're going to have a really cold snap sometime ... hard to hold off sowing some of the less hardy seeds though, I'm itching to sow them.

    Lovely post Claire x

  2. I've been noticing birds too! Various memebrs of the tit family, bullfinches and goldfinches have all been in the garden :) Also the greenery beginning to come back to life is always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face x x

  3. I too have noticed lots of birds -- and heard them too. We have so many starlings. The other morning, when I raised the blinds there were hundreds of them feeding on the grass outside the window. xxx

  4. I have nominated you for 'The Versatile Blogger Award' read about it here:
    Hope you have fun with it! :)

  5. Hey you never guess what I saw yesterday when I drove to Alcester...Baby Lambs! Tiny ones...the first I have seen this year, I love them. My Narcissus have got buds too in the garden.


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