Monday 23 January 2012

Seven Days

Joining Jacqui aka "The Barefoot Crofter" with a review of the last seven days.  Because even when you think nothing special is happening, if you look closely enough you find it! 

After last week was very much an out of the house kind of week, this week has been more home based.  Monday whilst getting very cold walking back from the shops I stopped to put Sophie's gloves on her for the umpteenth time, and happened to stop outside a friend of my Mum's house.  She saw us and invited us in to warm up.  Sophie got to play with her grandson, and we had a lovely impromptu chat.  This happened again on Tuesday, calling in to a friend, just to check her daughter was ok, after seeing her daughter very distressed earlier, and another cup of coffee and a lovely chat.  It really made my week.

Other lovliness that has been happening...

...finishing off the bag for the three little pigs

...catching Sophie making shadow puppets whilst eating her lunch... 

 ...having the time (and ingredients) to be able to make Sophie's demand for chocolate cake a reality...
 ...whilst I was at Guild, Sophie had popcorn, I do hope she shared it!
 A big package of woolly goodness (if a little dirty) arriving in the post, with the promise of endless amounts of dyeing and spinning.  Thank you Dawn!
 And more little knitted animals, this time the Billy Goats Gruff. Awaiting the arrival of the troll, and a bag, so that they too can make their way to their new home.

Looking forward to the week ahead, which I think will  be a good mix of home and out and about. But I guess we will just have to wait and see what it brings.


  1. Those story bags are just lovely. :)

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  3. Lovely, she looks very pleased with her popcorn!

    Hope the wool washes fine for you - the Portland I washed and posted pics on the Spinspiration blog last year was similarly that dirty and washed up lovely. If you find it isn't - I'll gladly send you a washed one gratis/no postage. I'm sure it will though.

    Have a fun week ahead x

    (deleted and re-typed without spelling mistakes ;-))

  4. I love your story bags Claire, such a good idea. Looking forward to seeing this troll! x

  5. Hi Claire,
    Great to catch up with your lovely blog. I love the story bags you have made, they are amazing. All of your knitted animals are lovely, very inspiring.
    Gina xx

  6. Your knitted bags are such a great idea - i really wish you well with them. What a great week - I love unexpected meetings like that - so good for the soul. xxx


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