Sunday 15 January 2012

Seven Days

Joining with Jacqui with a review of the last 7 days.

And in fear of repeating myself, the week started off with a trip out to Clent, but as it is such a lovely place, I figure it is worth repeating!
 And again with the allotment, first trip in a couple of months, still there, still weedy (but slightly less so after my visit!)
 Ethan has started Karate classes, following going along with a friend about 6 weeks ago.  We gave him his karate suit for Christmas, and this week was his first week wearing it.  Alec has also decided he would like to learn as well, so went along with Ethan this week too.  Ethan has also started a street dance class, lead by a male teacher, and the vast majority of the children are boys too.  He is really enjoying it, and keeps practising his moves at any opportune moment.
 Alot of this week has revolved around walking.  Stuart's car is being mended, so he is using the Chrysler, and things have still needed to be done.  Me being my usual disorganised self keeps missing the buses by a matter of minutes, so has walked into town a couple of times, and by the end of the week it is fair to say my feet were hurting!  But won't do me any harm, and in fact I have really rather enjoyed the time just walking, observing, and actually feeling more of the community, rather than my own little self, driving in the car, that little bit removed from the environment around me.  I hope that I will continue doing this even when I have four wheels again during the week.
 One of the trips into town was to pick up my new glasses.  Having broken my other pair only weeks after having an eye test, and deciding I would save money and not get new frames, I think my glasses had other ideas.  I'm always rather nervous choosing new frames, as it will be a very visible part of me for the next few years.  But you know, I'm rather pleased with these.
The week also saw a gorgeous banoffee pie made by Luke at school.  Got eaten too quickly to get a photo of, although I think the request has already gone out for him to make another!  Stan has also returned, following spending the last couple of weeks with his daughter in Wales.  So the house feels complete again.

All little things this week, but all very special in their own way.


  1. Lovely week, Claire. You do suit your glasses. i have lost mine and am wearing a pair from 2 prescriptions ago. i really need to get organised and make an appointment. So good for children to do physical activities - dance sounds a wonderful thing for them.
    Have a lovely week - jealous of you getting on with your allotment. xxx

  2. I love your glasses, they are very similar to mine and suit you very well! Sounds like you had a great week, that banoffee pie sounds very yummy! Hope the week ahead is as good. Liz x


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