Saturday 21 January 2012

National Exhibition

At last nights Guild meeting we were each given a 6 inch steel ring.  Why? Well, the Guild is having a national exhibition at the Weald and Downland Museum in July.  Each member can submit a piece of work that will fit within the 6 inch ring (the ring making up part of the exhibit).

So, what to do?  Apparently it can be three dimensional or flat.  So I bought an extra ring so I could experiment!  But looking at the ring I was so uninspired.  I mean, where do you start?  However, on the 30 minute drive home the ideas came flooding.  I first thought of a crescent, needle felted moon, with a star hanging within the ring.  I've since thought of a full moon, in 3-D with the dark side shown too.  But then my ideas became a little more ambitious (as they do!). 

I then spent a couple of hours browsing ravelry, and found some beautiful crocheted applique motifs, and thought of doing something along the lines of fairy tales, but then discovered the patterns were in chinese, or something similar.  But I now think I have decided on two themes.  For a 2-D creation it will be themed, "under the sea", and for the 3-D one it will be named "shhh" and is inspired by a picture by the very talented Jacqui.

I'm all for a challenge, and hope some others I know will be taking part.  Exciting times!!


  1. Very exciting, can't wait to see your finished creation! x

  2. I will be doing mine soon and have ummed and ahhhed over what to do. I think we are doing ours at our next guild meeting, am I right it does not have to be spinning, weaving or dyeing? Seems weird to me? You would think it would contain one of the three disciplines....Can't wait to see what you create. :)

  3. A-ha - snap!
    We've been talking about ours at the Guild today, and our super experienced members about their entries to the main exhibition too. It's going to be great to see so many on these rings on display from all around. Just been updating our noticeboards with all the latest emails.

    The Weald and Downland museum is not far from us so we shall be popping along during the exhibition, many of our guild steward at the rare breeds event which is on in the middle of the exhibition. If you come down to it you'll have to let me know and see if we can meet up there.

    Not sure what to do with my ring yet, lots of thoughts going around in my head though - so long as yarn or fibre are used, any technique goes x


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