Tuesday 10 January 2012

Making the most of the weather

 Last Sunday we decided to return to Clent.  Make the most of the weather and drink in the wonderful views.  Of course, we had to start off with some fuel inside us.  A bacon sandwich to beat all other bacon sandwiches ever, from the very popular Nimmings Cafe.  Really, for a January weekend I wouldnt have thought an outdoors cafe would have much trade, but it was busier than ever!
 Sophie did so well, walking off on adventures with her brothers for the whole time we were out, (until blisters stopped her)  And her brothers were so good at accommodating her in their adventures, even if it did mean they had to go very slowly.
 This time we remembered the drinks!
 My favourite moment.
 We had adventures with dragons, found the ideal spot for a hobbit hole, and had some lovely family time in the incredibly balmy January weather.

And so I have continued to make the most of the weather.  And managed an hour and a half down the allotment today.  I tried to find the wasps nest in the compost bin, but to no avail, but hopefully they will not return to it now.  I then got tired of pulling bindweed out of the strawberry patch, so moved on to clearing some beds.  Nearly finished one bed, I reckon we'll put pumpkins and courgettes in here, nice and sunny, and should be easy to dig in plenty of manure.
 Also pulled some parsnips to see how they had done (they were late going in, so wasn't expecting much.)  I guess they were a bit bigger than I anticipated, if a little curly! Also pulled the remainind carrots, not a single one was edible, eaten by I'm not sure what, but lots of little tunnels in the root.  So that's it, I'm done with carrots, I admit defeat!  Instead I will focus on growing more of the things we are good at growing, like beans, strawberries, onions etc.
Apparently the good weather is to continue this week, so I'll be out on my bike I hope, and also see if I can squeeze another allotment trip in there somewhere (if I'm not aching too much after that first trip down there for a good couple of months!)


  1. I loved this post...great views, great bacon sangas, very cute kids (sorry to hear about the blisters). I hope the parsnips tasted good even if they were a bit wibbly...your allotment looks great :) x

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment on my sock monkey!

    I love the siblings on the bench photo!


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