Wednesday 25 January 2012

A distracted yarn along

It's Wednesday, that must mean it is yarn along time. 

Well, this week has definitely been one for bits and bobs, and getting easily distracted by other woolly projects!  I knitted up the billy goats gruff for another story bag order.  And am currently doing the parts of the troll, ready to assemble and await the arrival of the book from that big bookstore on line!  But my distractions have been to finish off spinning/plying some beautiful purple wool.  Just have to think what to do with it now!  And a little needle felted bunny rabbit, which is my first attempt at needle felting a three dimensional object, ready to send off for a birthday present!

In amidst all my distracted crafting I have started to read "Car Sick", a book I found at the library whilst searching for something completely different, I'm only one chapter in, but is already has me thinking about our car use, and how, when I get some wheels back, I will be far less ready to jump behind the wheel to do a short journey.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to, hopefully they have been sticking to the tasks at hand a little better than me!


  1. That book looks good Claire, we've recently become a 2 car family by accident, which is handy due to living in the sticks, but I really am not comforable with it...I much prefer to use 'shank's pony' when I can :) Lovely purple wool, looking forward to seeing what you make from it! x

  2. Look forward to seeing your purple yarn you've spun (maybe on Woolly Wednesday ;-)) and what you plan to use it for. Love your bunny, are you hooked on needle felting now too?

    Distracted on projects, surely not - never heard of that happening ;-) :lol:

    Interesting book, will have to check our library. We've got quite good about not using our car - dh walks the 2.5 miles to work these days, much more enjoyable for him.

  3. The purple yarn is so pretty :)

    I know what you mean about crafting distraction, I get that a lot!

  4. Love the purple yarn. We are a two car family because we live out in the country. I always make sure I have several things to do when I go out so I don't have to make load of little trips.

  5. Those little billy goats gruff look really cute and lovely idea about a story bag..

  6. You have been so busy! Love the goats!

  7. i love those little billy goats! are they your pattern?

  8. Lori-Ann, they're an adapted pattern. I used a pattern for a sheep from Anne Dorth-Grigaff's book "knitted animals" , using a smoother wool, and added horns and beards.


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