Thursday 5 January 2012

The New Year

We welcomed in the new year with a new game. Talisman.  Such an excellent game that we missed the moment of midnight, as it was so engrossing!

New Years Day saw us without any transport, as the car tax for the big car had run out, Stuart's Mazda is still sat on the driveway looking very sorry for itself, and the courtesy car is too small for us all to fit in!  So we walked into town to go to the cinema to see "Puss in Boots".  Excellent film, and great to get out of the house and some exercise.  On our way home the heavens opened, we did all have coats, but it wasn't enough to protect us.  Fortunately the weather was mild, so it wasn't too much of a problem, in fact Luke and Ethan embraced their wetness and just had loads of fun!

I can't vouch for anyone else, but my plans for 2012 revolve around being organised.  This does not come naturally to me, and I seem to be stumbling at the first step (eg people running out of clothes as had run out of washing powder, and the shop that was in walking distance only sold bio, which was no good, as some of us have sensitive skin.)  But I am trying, and I am hoping this will extend to the allotment too, with me aiming to get down there at least once a week (yes, I have been "that" bad at getting down there recently, probably pushing a couple of months since my last visit!!)  My organisational skills will have an extra test from tomorrow, as the courtesy car goes back, so Stuart will need the Chrysler for work, leaving me carless for the foreseeable future.  Haven't quite sussed doing a weekly shop for 7 of us on foot yet, but I'm sure there is a way, failing that it will be having to face the shops on a weekend with the rest of the masses!!

Other news, our beloved Betty (chicken) is very poorly.  Being syringe fed, and very weak.  I guess only time will tell, but we are trying our best for her.  And Hetty seems very lost in the backgarden all by herself.  We have had the chickens three years today. 

Hoping everyone is getting into the swing of the new year now.


  1. Online delivery for food shopping!

    Hope Betty pulls through hun.

  2. Hope Betty pulls through. I second online shopping, I very rarely brave the shops for food (or anything for that matter lol)!! Good luck xx

  3. I am sorry to hear about 'Betty' chicken. :( I hope she pulls through. I am very attached to my chickens and they are not a year old yet. I would also vouch for Online Delivery as a temporary can book 'cheaper' delivery time slots and it saves you picking up spontaneous extras...the convenience is worth the cost for me 'once in a while'. Also One Van for multiple shops is more Eco friendly. :)

  4. I have played another version of that game and fell asleep. It probably did not help that everyone else had played a lot and they played with all sorts of expansions.

    Maybe your hubby can do the shopping on the way home with the car? Mine does all of ours as I am not good at sticking to the list. You could find out which night is the least busy and he could go then.


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