Saturday 30 April 2011

Patriotism, party and community

The wedding of Will and Cate could quite easily have passed us by. But the influence of school had sparked Ethan's interest in it, so we watched the wedding, with Alec and Ethan waving union jack flags on the sofa, whilst Sophie found blowing bubbles far more interesting!

Our lovely neighbours surrounding the green thought it sounded like a good excuse for a party, and they were right!  The organisers pulled off a wonderful afternoon and evening of games, food and wonderful company.  There were egg and spoon races...
...sack races...
 ... of course Sophie wanted to join in too!
 There were also three-legged races, and adult races, all of which were far too embarrassing to post photos!

An improptu cricket match was set up, as were games of hide and seek, tennis, and many more games that us adults were probably unaware of.
 Sophie was adopted by two of the older girls in the close, and so I barely saw her for the rest of the day/evening!  But it did give me opportunity to meet a few people who we didn't know. 
Food was prepared and eaten, from sandwiches, scones and cakes, to chilli and hot dogs!  We sat with the bunting flapping, drinking whatever we fancied, and chatting, whilst the children played, and played, and played, until we all flagged at about 10.30pm!  A fantastic day of community, friendship and fun.
I think the general consensus was that we are all very fortunate to have a lovely space where the children can play safely, where adults can mingle, and how we really ought to do this far more often!!


  1. What a lovely community filled day. Sadly we don't live in a place where this is possible but we had our own lovely day nonetheless.
    Here's to friends and neighbours eh?

  2. That sounds like such fun xxx

  3. Sounds like such a great day you all had. I do think these community events touch something deep inside us - a long forgotten memory of our tribal past maybe? xx

  4. How wonderful to enjoy so much community fun together like that!


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