Monday 4 April 2011

Birthday Boy

 The cool  little boy, who always looks so serious when posing for photos, has turned 7.  I can't believe another year has passed already!  My little boy is growing up.  I can go for days and barely see him, with him either engrossed in something with his big brothers, or playing so sweetly with Sophie.  Either that, or he is playing outside with the neighbourhood children, until way past dusk (well, not so much now the clocks have changed, but given a chance he would!)

He is growing up, but thankfully still needs his Mum and Dad from time time to snuggle up with, or creep into bed with in the middle of the night. 

For his birthday, we unwrapped presents, probably a bit earlier than everyone else would have liked,  but then it was his birthday, so your allowed to wake everyone up at 6.55am on a Saturday!  Amongst the presents were of course lego sets, which got built fairly immediately (with a little help from the master builder aka Alec).  They were so sweet, taking it in turns to do a page each out of the instructions.
 The cake we came up with (Alec helped with some of the design, and little details like the crown, and the eggs)  Yes, there's a bit of a theme, and link to Stuart's birtyhday the other week!

 And mama had to make something of course.  So seeing as they have all been playing Little Big Planet recently, i thought this little fella would go down well!  Trouble is, now I have to make one for Luke, Alec, and Stuart!
 We went to the cinema to see Rango.  Although Stuart and I were taking it in turns to entertain a bored Sophie, so between the two of us we saw the complete film, we'll have to compare notes to get the gist of the film!  We then had a birthday party to go to for a friend up the road, who shares Ethan's birthday.  Return home for Ethan's birthday tea, where we barely saw Ethan, as he just wanted to play with his presents. He did squeeze a bit of time in with his guests, with a request for people to play more lego, this time in the form of a lego game.
 And relaxing after a busy, busy day.  First of all Mum had a go at spinning, and then Luke.  They both did well for their first attempts (much better than I did!)
Happy Birthday our lovely 7 year old Ethan.  Wishing you many blessings for this year ahead of you.


  1. Happy Birthday Ethan x

    Lovely that your family are having a go on your wheel too, something to share x

  2. Happy Birthday Ethan!

    LOVE the cake, genius! :)


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