Thursday 31 March 2011

One down...

...a few more to go!

Luke had his poetry slam competition last night. He and his team were a real credit to themselves. There were 18 teams, all performing poems they'd written themselves. Some added drama to it, there were funny poems, serious poems, a whole range. It was a real privilege to see all this creativity happening across Worcestershire.

Luke's team performed their Afghanistan poem, which they had tweaked a bit since Luke wrote it. They were dressed all in black, and stood stock still, no drama, just powerful words. It took me two performances after theirs for me to stop shaking, and I also had to wipe a tear from my eyes!

Anyhow, they came second!! They were over the moon, so proud of themselves! I wish I could post the picture of the holding the trophy afterwards with all their ecstatic grins on their faces.

It was so lovely to see Luke going to bed with a smile on his face. He said it was because they'd done well, but also because that was one thing off his list!


  1. Congrulations Luke! Well done, and well-deserved recognition. :)

  2. Oh great news. Well done Luke and big hugs to you. xx

  3. Well done Luke and team - what a cool thing to be part of xx


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