Monday 28 March 2011


 For Christmas my Mum bought me a day course on wet felting.  So the other Wednesday I trotted off to our local craft centre, whilst Mum looked after Sophie, and spent 6 hours learning how to wet felt. There was me and 7 teachers who were on a teacher training day (now we know what they get up too!! ;) ), all learning how to produce a felt bag.
 We felted onto fabric, which ended up as the lining of the bag, and the bag was made without any sewing, just folding and more felting. 
 I am really pleased with the outcome, I have yet to attach the shoulder strap on, but I can see a few more of these being made over time, now that I know how!!  And I will be saving even more bits of scraps of material and wool for my felting supplies now!!

Other creativity that has been going on, WarHammer!  Stuart has set up a local warhammer group who will be having their first weekly meeting on the 4th April. So he and Luke have been busy creating a fort to aid their game play.  Already there have been quite a few people sign up, so fingers crossed it will get off the ground, and become a regular opportunity for gamers to get together, paint and have a game.
For Earth Hour, Luke very kindly made some candles with a beeswax kit he got for Christmas.  I think we may have to increase our amount of materials, as it is quite addictive, and the rate we go through candles, we need a steady supply.
 And look what arrived in the post these last couple of days.  I have been wanting to read Juno for a while, and from a quick glance through this morning it looks like a lovely magazine, with a wide breadth of articles.  Thank you Jacqui.
And this book.... wow, I think this is the first education book I have read where I am nodding in agreement from the first page.  The perfect book for a would be homeschooler who sits on the fence way too much!  Thank you Sarah, it's just what I needed!


  1. Love your felted bag - well done, sounds like you enjoyed yourself. So much fun isn't it, something else to use your wool bits and fibres on.

    Guerilla Learning is a book I've kept thinking I'd like to read too, hope you enjoy it.

    Lots of family creativity there too x

    Dawn x

  2. busy times mama, love that bag, wow xx

  3. Oh my goodness I LOVE that bag, wonderful work there!

    And I'm so glad you like the book, I thought of you the moment I started reading and I'm so glad you can find something helpful in it. Enjoy! I'm just sorry it took me so long to get around to taking it to the post office lol.

  4. I love the wet felting you've done!! How lovely to have had the whole day learning something new too.

    Juno magazine is great, I read it from cover to cover. xxx


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