Wednesday 30 March 2011

Introducing Playmobil!

We have a silly amount of playmobil, from castles and farmyards to houses and shops. All of it packed away in boxes as the boys had moved on to things like lego and xbox's!  Yesterday, Sophie was feeling a little off colour, so I thought I would get some of the playmobil out to take her mind off feeling unwell. 

I love playmobil, the detail that they go into, how it is sturdy and well made, and brings out alot of imaginary play.  Sophie was really taken with the house and the shop, and it certainly tookher mind off feeling unwell.  I secretly enjoyed a little play too, remembering the hours I had played with it with the boys when they were younger.

When the boys (well, Alec and Ethan) got home from school, as they walked through the door they were chatting about playing on the latest lego star wars game on the xbox, but then as they walked in the lounge, they got distracted, and spent the afternoon playing with the playmobil. 
 Later, as we approached bed time, once again there was playmobil playing going on.
And then this morning I had to drag the boys away from it (not literally!) to go and get ready for school.  I can't see this being packed away into boxes again for a while! 


  1. There's nothing better than rediscovering old toys is there?
    Especially for mama ;-)
    Just catching up and had to say that I love your felted bag too, wonderful.

  2. Brilliant, and great that you held onto it all knowing they would be loved and played with again. I agree with Becks, rediscovering toys can bring so much joy.

  3. That's so weird, we just got our playmobil out of the loft last week too xxx


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