Sunday 20 March 2011

Big Birthday!

Ok, bear with me!  Looks like I've got some learning to do with the new editor on Blogger.  But all it means is today will be back to front!  It ended with a rendition of "Happy Birthday" played by Alec on his guitar.  He played it beautifully.  Even though he felt very nervous.
 We had cake...
 ...and beer! Purity (our local ale) in a new purity glass, whilst sporting a Purity t-shirt!
 We had a trip out to Bourton-on-the-Water.  What a lovely spring day.  We ate outside, and had a look around birdland.  Sophie started talking about "mole caves" whilst we were at this spot.  It took a while for me to figure out what she meant.  But just behind her, whilst on Stuart's shoulders she had spotted a rabbit warren.  I think mole caves was a good deduction!
 We watched the penguins for quite a while, marvelling at their sleek and shiny feathers.
 The morning had started with some presents!  I had been busy crocheting these characters from the "Angry Birds" game you can find for the Ipod.  Each of the children gave Stuart one, but I think they were quite taken with them themselves!  Sophie thinks they are all cockerals (apart from the pig of course), and the boys are wanting to build defences for the pig to go in, and see if they can knock them all down!

The biggest present, was actually received on Friday.  A second hand Herman Miller Aeron chair.  Stuart fell in love with these chairs about 10 years ago, but could never justify buying one.  However, for a special birthday, it seemed the right thing.  A long time to wait, 10 years!  But I think it was worth it!  Saturday was spent very productively making headway with lots of things that had been hanging over him.
Happy Birthday Stuart.



  1. Happy Birthday S!

    And the new blog look is'll get used to the new editor eventually.


  2. Looks like you have a wonderful day, I love the crocheted characters :-D

  3. Happy Birthday Stuart!
    Enjoy your new chair x

  4. Those Angry Bird figures came out great!

  5. Loving the Angry Birds figures! Is there a pattern or did you make them up yourself ? I have to confess to being slightly addicted to Angry Birds and Cat Physics!)

  6. Liz, They are on ravelry. The red cardinal is a free pattern, and the others were 2$ each. I think the designer is Karla Fitch.


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