Sunday 13 March 2011

A brief glimpse of life

They say the kitchen is the hub of the house, and whilst stirring the porridge this morning, I glanced around and saw this scene, which I thought neatly summed up recent activity! Books, there are always books strewn around, usually by Sophie! A pile of fruit that is awaiting juicing, or other fates. Black bananas tend to end up in a banana cake, or at least the freezer awaiting enough other black bananas to warrant a banana cake! A pot of glue, and some glitter from some recent crafting, Abel and Cole leaflets from the recent veg box, and my bag thrown down as I was probably in the middle of doing something else (as is the way recently!) So there we have it, a quick glimpse at the story a kitchen worksurface can tell you!
Today there were some very tired people about. Ethan was struggling to hold things together, I was feeling tired despite a relatively good night, and Alec was doing his best to get a reaction out of the tired Ethan. So off we went to the park, after a false start as Ethan melted down yet again!

It was all a bit much at the playground. Too many people out and about in the Spring sunshine. So we headed off the beaten track. Found some trees to climb, generally chilled out, and then with sticks accumulated (there always has to be sticks, and for Ethan the bigger the better!) they spontaneously started beating out a rhythm on a gate. I wish I had a video camera with me, it was really good, something you could really dance to. But alas, a stills camera is all I had.

The fresh air did it's trick, well until low blood sugars kicked in, and the bad tempers returned. But the lull was a very welcome relief.


  1. Your kitchen is neat! I have piles of papers and other bits stashed in corners. It is so good how outside explores put a while new spin on everyone's spirits. Enjoy a happy week ahead!

  2. I scrolled down expecting a kitchen like mine..........what a disappointment, yours is so tidy!
    Our boys are just like yours, every outing means sticks must be found. Unfortunately they tend to become guns quite often. Not good but it does mean a lot of energy run off hiding from potential monsters, and of course teamwork as they "save" each other from said monsters....


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