Monday 4 April 2011

Two down!

Luke's drum exam was this morning.  We knew he was going to be doing it sometime around Easter, we had been initially told that it would be the Easter holidays.  However, last Tuesday night we got an email to say it was this Monday.  Luke had only practised one song.  Hadn't even looked at the others due to drum teacher illness, busy-ness etc.  So amidst the chaos that has been going on for him this last week, he has been fervently practising.

We were all a little nervous this morning, Luke, Stuart and me!  But Luke took it all in his stride, fortunately it was early enough today to make going into school a pointless activity, so he fitted in more practise, and then did about 20 minutes warm up once we got to the exam.  He did his best, which was all he could ever do.

We have just had a call from his drum teacher to say he got a comfortable pass!  Well done Luke!!  You have a natural talent there!


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