Monday 11 April 2011

A long awaited trip

We have been promising the boys a trip to legoland for about a year, but the time has never quite been right, combined with the schools making it very difficult to take the children out of school during term time.  However, as the boys broke up early for Easter, as well as having a teacher training day on the Friday, we jumped at the chance to take them.  For Alec and Ethan, it is like Mecca!  But we were all very impressed with what we saw.  A dinosaur made to look as if it is made from tecnic lego, but is actually made up of normal lego made to look like tecnic!
 Sophie wanted to play with the lego!  But was placated by an ice-cream!  (food prices were astronomical, we'll have to be better prepared should we go again!)
 Miniland, with all the lego models was really impressive, and we all enjoyed marvelling at the detail, and scale of it all.

 There were rides to be ridden too.  Sophie really enjoyed this little train, going on it multiple times, this time with Stuart.
 The boys all went on the driving school, although Luke stayed well hidden from the camera!

 We ate our lunch (more money!) whilst watching a puppet show, Sophie liked meeting this little duck close up.
 A fun time was had on fire engines, which required alot of effort on Stuart and Luke's part to propel the engine with a pump action, and then pump the water through the water cannons that Alec and Luke got to control.

 There were models all over the place, small ones, big ones, but I think my personal favourite was this dragon.
 We stayed overnight in a hotel by Heathrow airport, thankfully there was very little noise from the airport itself, well, Sophie drowned out any planes, as she was over-stimulated, tired, and wanted her own bed!  But, putting that behind us, on Saturday we had a lovely breakfast, followed by making use of the hotel swimming pool, where Sophie made leaps and bounds in her confidence, with the undivided attention of Stuart, and the distractions of her brothers.  We then returned to Legoland to do the few last things we wanted to do.  However, Saturday was a completely different kettle of fish, schools had broken up, and there was a Star Wars event on, it was absolutely heaving!!  We had a few photos taken with Star Wars characters.
 And then made for the sanctuary of the discovery zone, where they each had a kit to make up.  Quiet, cool, and relaxing, just what was needed.

We didn't last much longer, a mini golf course, and yet more extortionate food, and it was time to head home (via the lego shop!!)

We had a lovely time, but it has reinforced how we could never cope with doing such things in holiday time, just far, far, far too stressful! The boys continued the lego theme on our return home, with building and playing with more lego.


  1. Wow, thanks so much for posting this, it has made me realise how much my lot would LOVE Legoland. The boys frequently ask to go and it's one of those things that I put to the back of my mind, thinking how far the journey would be, the expense, the crowds blah-de-blah, but I think I really should make the effort to take them now as I think the whole family would really enjoy it (even me!!). Thanks for the tip regarding food, I will bear that in mind! xxx

  2. How perfect! I think my lot would rather love Legoland too! :)

  3. Oh, I think my brother in law lives near enough for a visit next time we are there! Looks amazing. xx

  4. Mia and Tarka were absolutely captivated by the legoland photos!
    Looks like an amazing day out.
    Gina xxxxx

  5. wow looks brilliant, we'd love it there too! great pictures x


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