Monday 25 April 2011


Easter came upon us again, with the usual silly amounts of chocolate.  But we had a lovely family day with Grandparents visiting for lunch, with an easter boquet of flowers and felt eggs as a centrepiece to the table.
 Alec and Ethan had made some Easter posters, and also made one from lego!

 One lovely part of the day was Luke deciding to make rope out of some newspaper.  He rolled each sheet, twisted it, and tied it to the next sheet.  Once the whole newspaper was used up, he organised his brothers into seeing if they could lower a basket of easter eggs from our bedroom window.  It was lovely hearing them all co-operating in completing this task.  And complete it they did!
The day ended with Alec challenging a group of young children who were playing on the green to a football match.  The children had a great time, as did some of the dads.  And this evening the children came to call to see if they could play another football match, so it looks like more friends have been made.

We also had a whole host of children around til near 9 pm bouncing on the trampoline in the dark.  A lovely relaxing day, all in all.

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