Tuesday 26 April 2011


Our friendly chicken, Little, who would follow you around the garden had become increasingly ill over the last month.  Something wasn't right with her.  Anti-biotics worked for a while, but she was still obviously not well, but she still enjoyed scratching around the garden, and a bit of apple.  However, over the weekend she became slower, and in obvious pain.  So today was a very sad trip to the vets.  I stayed with her to the very end, saying my goodbyes.  Some might say I'm a sentimental old fool.  But we did the best for her, she had a longer, more free-range life than many chickens. 
Rest In Peace Little xx


  1. (((HUGS))) Claire, a Chicken she may have been but that doesn't mean she wasn't one of the family. xxx

  2. Aw, you need a hug!! Chickens are lovely and this little one was obviously very special to you and I'm sorry you've lost her. You're right though, could a chicken have asked for a better life? xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. How sad. We've lost three of our chickens recently. It's good she had a happy life. Our chickens were rescued from going to the dog meet factory, so I'm glad they're having a happy retirement!
    Lovely photo of Little.


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