Friday 15 April 2011

School's broken up!

We are in  our first week of the Easter holiday.  I like the Easter holidays, not too much emphasis on having to do things (as there is at Christmas), but a well timed break, just as the weather starts to improve.  Unfortunately we have been bug fighting this week.  Sophie has a rather nasty cold and temperature, possibly a mild chest infection, but has spent the last few days demanding feed upon feed upon feed, which seems to be working, and her temperature is now gone, so hopefully we have turned a corner.  Luke has had a tooth abcess (must be about his 10th by now, poor lad) and this has been a really stubborn one, which he has not been able tolerate without regular pain relief.  Hoping that the anti-biotics are doing their stuff now. 
So, not much time spent outside really, more nursing the poorly ones, and letting Alec and Ethan entertain themselves, which has meant them playing outside with the neighbours children, or more often than not them all on the trampoline, trying not to fall out the enormous holes in the safety net (although I think one game was actually to fall out and get rescued by the others!)

Some crafting has happened, with varying interest from the children.  We made some yarn bowls that I had been shown here.  Ethan, Alec and Sophie lost interest at different points along the line, Ethan sat there for a while just picking the wood glue off his fingers (mind you I love doing that too!)
 We also had a go at making felted eggs.  I could only find two plastic eggs in the play food, so can only do two at a time, but Ethan and Sophie enjoyed helping me with these.
 The highlight of the week so far is probably the discovery of 3 mice in a box of Traidcraft stuff I had stored in the garage.  Fortunately there wasn't that much stuff in there, but blimey, they made a mess of what was there!  Two jumped out the box pretty soon after I had popped it in the backgarden.  They legged it down the garden, with chickens following in hot pursuit!
The third one stuck around for a few photos.  It was very sweet, and the children enjoyed watching it, but it too decided thought enough was enough and braved the chickens to earn its freedom!
Hopefully next week will see us enjoying the outdoors a bit more, and eventually getting the potatoes planted!

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  1. We too have been plagued by bugs, my lot are still only up for some duvet wrapped tv watching! I hope next week is a better week for us both health wise!

    I have to confess to being a little sick of mice. We have been trying to evict them from our shed since the winter. They do make one hell of a mess and cute as they are, they also smell revolting! I hope yours find a nice home somewhere else.

    I am using the holidays for sorting my vege plot, the potatoes are in, well one lot, and I have onions to plant if it ever stops raining! I have so many seeds to plant too, but managed to put in courgettes yesterday along with lots of flowers in the propogator. We found nicotiana flowers very good at attracting the moths last year, so I am trying them from seed this year.
    I also have a runner bean tunnel to construct and more more planting out to do, its a busy time of year isn't it!

    I love your felted eggs, I am awaiting some more craft supplies to make some Easter goodies next week. I do sometimes wish I had more pairs of hands!

    Heres hoping for some warm sunshine next week!
    Have a lovely weekend, Liz**


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