Thursday 5 May 2011

Woolly Wednesday - spin, spin, spin

 Well, what have I been up to this last month?  A fair amount of spinning actually!  I got some unknown wool from a friend, which had been carded on a drum carder, there are however, some bobbles in it.  Don't know whether that is due to the type of wool, the age of the wool, or the carding.  It made it quite difficult to spin into a regular yarn,
 The stuff on this bobbin doesn't look too bad, but at times it would really get very bobbly, and I was unsure whether I'd be able to do anything decent with it.  However, once plyed it has created quite a pretty yarn.  Too rough to use as clothing, but I'm going to try my hand at cable knitting, and make myself a bag or two with it, as I still have alot of fleece to spin!  Is there a way of getting bobbles out of carded wool?  Or does it basically need re-carding?  Not that I will with this, as I quite like the effect, but for future reference it would be handy to know.
 I also acquired some zwartble wool from Dawn (thanks Dawn!).  I have been able to try my hand at carding, after picking up some carders that were slight seconds, from a link on Spinspiration a while ago.
 I was able to get some lovely fluffy clounds of zwartble wool.
 Looks like I might have another source of spinning fibre too!  No Luke, it isn't a hair brush!!
 The wool once spun looks like it might be my first "proper" looking yarn. I'm beginning to feel I am getting the hang of this!


  1. How pretty!I know I have sat with the girls on my lap in the sun and though about how pretty the yarn their hair would make would be.

  2. Wonderful Claire - you've spun the zwartble just beautifully, it is such a lovely fleece though isn't it. The bobbin looks great, very even.

    The other fleece looks like it may have been a bit old and perhaps not the best quality (softness wise) from how you describe it. I remember it being offered and thought it probably wasn't the best of quality but good for practice.
    The bobbly bits can often just be broken bits of fleece when it's old but can also be caused by "bad" carding - where the fibres get dragged rather than combed and break and cause pilling or bobbling. If I have bits like that I tend to just pick them out of the carded wool before spinning but if there are lots I'd re-card and pick them out, re-carding would help get rid of them. Depends how many there are, might be time consuming - and you seem happy with the resulting yarn which is nice.

    Bags sounds good if it's a bit rough, you could always felt them too.
    Love the picture of Luke! Wouldn't recommend it though ;-)

    Dawn x

  3. Ooh, they both look fab...lovely colours too. xx

  4. Ooh, meant to add - if you do want some of the spare seeds just let me know here or over on my blog and I'll pop some in the post.
    Dawn x

  5. Oh thank you Dawn, you are very kind, if you have spare then i would love to give them a try, but please don't deprive yourself. Do you still have my address?

  6. Claire,
    I think your spinning looks fantastic. You must feel very proud!

  7. Claire, your yarn is looking great! I need to get some more pratice in, haven't even managed to do enough for a post this month, bad me. Happy spinning! x

  8. Bobbly yarn is my favorite! And i love the zwartble. I'd like to try some myself.


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