Friday 20 May 2011

Sophie's plans

Ethan had a birthday party to go to straight after school the other day, and I think Sophie was feeling a little left out.  Therefore, she decided it was her birthday, and she needed a birthday cake with candles on.  Well, I had to oblige her!  My excuse was that we were out of nice things to eat, so it would serve a dual purpose!

Once Ethan returned home, we sang happy birthday to us all as a family.  However, the candles got blown out by one individual (not naming anyone!), which upset the others.  The candles were relit, only to blown about by another individual (the idea was that we would blow them all out together ... how wrong was I!).  I think we had to relight the candles another 3 times to keep everyone happy.  Then we tucked in.  Very nice too!  Good idea Sophie ;)
 Then, this morning, in the midst of the chaos of getting everyone fed, washed, dressed, sandwiches prepared etc prior to getting out the house for 8.30am  Sophie decided she wanted to decorate a biscuit!  This takes a good ten minutes, as she has to do it all herself, no help from Mummy at all, and if I dare help as she seems to be struggling, we have a bit of a tantrum!  All tubes of writing icing also have to be used!  I was trying very hard to be patient, and giving her my attention without hurrying her.  The red icing went on first, and I commented that it looked like eyes and a mouth.  Sophie then decided to do white hair, black cheeks, a yellow nose and one more green cheek and a bit of green hair.  She knew exactly where they should all go, and I am so pleased that I took the time out to facilitate what has become her first recognisable piece of art.


  1. Well if it's good enough for the Queen to have 2 birthdays, then why not Sophie too (and the boys too!).

    Mmmmm ... cake!

  2. LOL - that reminds me of our birthday parties - a complete riot with everyone trying to blow the candles out at once and cries of Again! I love Sophie's biscuit face. xxx

  3. Aw, that biscuit is too cute to eat!!

    I can remember when I had the bright idea of putting those joke candles on Jimmy's birthday cake - the kind that relight themselves when you think they've been blown out. Well, Jimmy didn't see the funny side at all and reminded me of how important it is for children to blow out the candles!! I like the thought of having a cake with candles on regardless of whether it is a birthday or not, there's always SOMETHING to celebrate if you look hard enough isn't there. xxxxxx

  4. Lovely cookieface!
    And why not candles on cakes in general? So much more fun.


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