Tuesday 17 May 2011

The family addiction

 Boxes in all kinds of places, stacked awaiting their contents to be spilled, and created.  From dining chairs, to corners of rooms...
 ...dining tables, bedrooms...
 and even kitchen window ledges!
 These role playing models (mainly WarHammer) are taking over the house!  Luke has been interested in them since he was about 7, even though the general earliest age of interest is around age 12.  He has been working his way through armies, perfecting his painting, and getting his head around all the game play strategies.  His book of choice is a rule book of one army or another.  One of his recent paintings is of this boar.
 Considering it is made of metal, you would never know, to me it doens't even look painted, just so natural.  He has got us all hooked on this.  Stuart has set up a local wargaming society which has been a roaring success, with geeks coming out of the woodwork left, right and centre!!  So now Luke has people he can talk to about this, who actually understand the passion, and the rules!  He has been introduced to new armies, new rules, and he is in his element. 

Stuart and I have also indulged a little, havnig both admired games workshop models from afar for many years!  We have been known to be sat at the dining table into the early hours of the morning, building models, filing them, painting them.  I am very slowly workig my wat through my wood elf army, these are some of the dryads that I have painted up.  It takes forever!  Whenever I see some of the armies that have been created, it really brings home to me how many weeks or even month and years these things take up! 
Having said that, it is a wonderful hobby, it is keeping Luke stimulated, it is creative, tacticle, and now has a wonderful social element to it, with the weekly group. 

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