Friday 6 May 2011

Shiver me timbers!

 Another dressing up day for school.  This time they have to go as pirates, and taking "pieces of eight" to raise money for the school funds.  I could have gone to the shops and bought a ready-made outfit.  But I'm always up for a challenge, so the last couple of days have found me raiding my fabric stash and creating a pirate outfit fashioned on Jack Sparrow!
 Of course, there has been a little helper too.  Her job here was to pull the pins out whenever we got to the next one, safest way I could think of getting her to help, whilst keeping fingers away from sharp fast moving needles, and feet away from the power pedal!

And here is the result (not the best photo I'm afraid, I keep forgetting to use the flash indoors)
The boots are some black material sown onto the trousers, with some elastic going under his shoes to keep them in place, a red sash of polycotton, same as his bandana, the shirt is actually Alec's school shirt which he donated (unknowingly!) with lace around the cuffs, and buttons removed from the top half, replaced with a leather shoe lace, and finally a long waistcoat from some thick green denim-y type material.  Ethan was very pleased with it all (and so was I!)


  1. Oooh well done you!
    Owen wants a pirate costume so..........


  2. What a fab outfit Claire. Ethan looks like a wonderful swashbuckling pirate there. xx


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