Saturday 1 October 2011

A good day!

 When the phone rings whilst you are still in bed, and the person on  the other end informs you that you have won a hamper in a raffle you entered (entered because it was in a wicker basket, and I had been hankering after one of those for a while!), you get a feeling it might just be a good day!

I went to the farm shop to pick up the basket (and a few more things!), it did look prettier than in the photo too, it just got opened for the goodies as soon as I got home!  Whilst I was there they had a stall where you just put in a donation and took whatever you fancied.  So I found a beautiful embroidered folder that will be home to my knitting and crocheting patterns, some fairy wings that have been secreted away, and some material I have had my eye on for a while too! 
 I also managed to fit in a bit of this...
 ...and this (apple butter, never made it before, and rather worried that it says it has to be eaten in 3 weeks!! Hmmm, if anyone local wants to try some, let me know!)
 Some family painting time...
 Added to the mix, a naked toddler running around most of the afternoon (everyone else secretly jealous they couldn't do the same, it was rather warm!), along with Alec and Ethan barely being seen all day, and if they did turn up it was either with neighbourhood children in tow, or they needed a drink or some food!  And Stuart being exceptionally brave and attempting to sort out the attic space so we can try to get straight upstairs, it really was very much like a sauna!

And then to top it off, sat in the conseratory this evening, I hear a roaring noise, and then voices from on high!  Before I could gather my thoughts Sophie (sat naked on the trampoline) points up and shouts "BALLOON"  Sure enough, the lowest I have ever seen a hot air balloon over houses, they were desperately trying to get it to rise, with the heat on virtually constantly!! Sophie was very upset she couldn't get to have a go in it!  The photo doesn't do it justice, it was further away by the time I got my act together and grabbed the camera!
All in all, a wonderful day, making the most of the unusual weather.  Still makes me smile when I am breaking into a sweat just being in the sun, whilst the warm breeze blows through the trees and the leaves all fall off!!


  1. oh... just found your blog and glad I did! We had a low balloon over us on Tuesday evening too. was a bit scary seeing it so low! Well done on winning the basket!

  2. how wonderful, rich family life with its many blessings xx

  3. Doesn't it make your day when you win something!? Congratulations! Brilliant bargains and fabby balloon. x

  4. I am so glad you had a good day - wishing you many more to come. xx


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