Thursday 6 October 2011

Alpaca for my Mum

 My Mum is a knitter, so what better present for her birthday than a skein of homespun alpaca wool?  It was lovely that Ethan wanted to help, and he is getting rather good at carding, which is wonderful, as that is the part that I really don't particularly enjoy doing!
 So this last month I have been spinning, and spinning, trying to get as much done as I could in time for Mum's birthday this week.  It was a close call, and it had just about dried in time to give it to her!
It was lovely as the realisation hit her as to what it was.  The alapaca fleece from the farm shop, carded by Ethan, spun by me, and looks like it will be knitted into a scarf by my Mum.  If she ever needs anymore, she knows where to come!!

Happy Birthday Mum. xx


  1. what a lovely personal gift with love from everyone, wound in to every strand! Lovely! xx

  2. A great present idea, that I am totally going to snag. I have been wanting to spin but have so many knitting projects to make for birthday and Christmas presents that I put it off. Now, I'll be working on a present at the same time! Thanks!


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