Friday 7 October 2011


 These Autumn morning are getting decidedly chilly now.  An excuse to find out my boots, and wear a rather lovely skirt that is soooo warm!

Finding out the bag of woollies that has been living under the stairs all summer!
 More of an excuse to wear new woollies.  A scarf from a lovely mama in a Green Parent swap, and those beautiful wrist warmers from Rosemary in Ireland.  (And I'm afraid a mug shot of me!)
 Porridge with apple butter (yes, more apple butter!)
 Sitting making the blanket is getting more and more appealing as it keeps me nice and warm!
 And finding new uses for fabric to make the house look cosy.  This was some fabric I picked up at the farm shop the other week, thinking it would make a nice wrap, but it is a little too coarse for that, however, it is the perfect size for the dining table, covers all the scratches and paint marks, and looks gorgeous to boot! 
Candles are also making a reappearance, and I can imagine the quilted bedspread will awake from its summer slumber very soon!

How are you keeping cosy as the temperature drops and the nights close in?


  1. mmmm wonderful, love this time of year, keep cosy darling xx

  2. I love this time of year. I've got some hats and gloves in the wash as we speak and I'll be getting out the jumpers this weekend. I can't wait. Plenty of knitting planned too.

  3. I've recently got my granny stripe blanket out of hibernation too! Will I finish it this year???


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