Monday 31 October 2011

A blogworthy half term?

Well, I really wasn't going to write anything about half term.  No photos were taken, children played out with their friends, jigsaws were made by Sophie, plenty of soft toys were played with, Luke made some wargaming banners for a chap at the club.  We did manage to get to the park whilst looking after a friends lad one afternoon, Luke was went to the cinema with a friend, and we managed to overcome the logistical nightmare of the parent to child ratio when going swimming!  (Admittedly we all ended up in the training pool, and pretty much cleared it, I hope everyone decided it was lunchtime, and didn't disappear because it had been invaded by our four!)

Stuart's brother visited for a day and a bit, which included a meal at our favourite Indian restaurant.  We had an engineer look at the dishwasher, declare it needed lots of parts replacing, and it couldn't be done for another week and a day!  And then we were struck by a horrid stomach upset :( And in amongst all this I did some spinning, knitting and crocheting (and lots of washing up!)

I really wasn't going to post at all, as nothing really stood out at me that made me think that I should either take a photo or blog about it.  But then I thought better of it, because after all, as the title of this blog suggests, it is!


  1. Simply life ... and perfect! My kinda half term ;-)

    Holidays should be about relaxing, kicking back and doing whatever. I don't feel the need to pack too many things in either.

  2. What Dawn said!

    Hope the stomach thing has left you alone now and that your dishwasher doesn't take too long. When you have 4 kids and have been used to one it's a massive burden to suddenly have to hand wash!

    Samhain Blessings! xxx

  3. It sounds perfect to me, mama!


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