Monday 29 November 2010

Mama Made Monday -Bit of a catch up post!

I eventually completed the dress for Sophie which had been bought in kit form for Christmas last year. Unfortunately she has decided she doesn't like tights or dresses at the moment. I'm hoping this phase will pass before she outgrows the dress! I decided I wanted a little distraction from Christmas present making, so started making snowflakes! I eventually want to string them together with ribbon to make downward hanging garlands.

Some of the baskets awaiting filling.
A sneaky peek at the season swap I am making
The guitar strap for Alec, nearly completed the crocheting, just need to felt it then.
A book mark for a secret santa I am involved with.
And a dishcloth for Mum, not for Christmas or anything, but as she commented on my dishcloths the other day, I thought I could make one for her too.
I like this time of year, snuggling down with a ball of wool, and creating, whilst it freezes and throws all kinds of inclement weather at us.
Hope you are all keeping warm, and finding things to occupy your time too.


  1. That dress is fabulous!! You could try getting Sophie to wear leggings instead of tights. H&M have some woolly knitted footless tights too.

  2. Oh lovely makes.
    Lucky swap partner - off to see who it is now lol.
    Heather wont wear tights either or socks most times, but she will wear leggings and jeans with her dresses.

  3. Wow, busy Mama. Some fabulous things there.


  4. Loving all your makes, that dress is beautiful - my dd was the same with tights but would wear leggings or trousers underneath as others have said.

    Love your little baskets xx

  5. Wow, gorgeous crafting! I hope Sophie wears the dress, a great colour for her if she can only be persuaded!

  6. Fab makes and that dress is gorgeous! If you little one won't wear it you can sell it to me as little sweetpea would love it lol :-) I am sure she will wear it soon.


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