Monday 1 November 2010

(Grand) Mama Made Monday

Ok, bit of a cheat, I know, but I just had to show some of the things that Stuart's Mum makes. She made this cardigan for Sophie in a day! She uses the most wonderful colours, and makes the patterns up as she goes along. She does use some fair isle patterns from books, but will get a whole load and put them all together in one garment. She really is inspirational. I have asked her to try to teach me fair isle knitting, but I am very slow.
She has started to do bigger jumpers too, and I felt very honoured when she made one for me in the summer, which you can see here.
She has recently fractured her ankle, so is having to take things easy, but the one thing she can carry on doing is knitting. How many jumpers do you reckon she can knit in the next 6 weeks? :)

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  1. Lovely colours Claire. Grandmama is a very talented lady.


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