Thursday 25 November 2010


The distinct lack of photos over the past couple of weeks has been as my camera has been "out of order". It would not focus on anything, so we eventually found the receipt, only to find the warrantee had expired the previous week, even though it had stopped working before that! Yes, it took 2 weeks to find a receipt, there really was that much paperwork to troll through!

So with an assurance from Panasonic that they would honour the warrantee, I got ready to parcel it up to send off to them. It was then that I saw a button I had never seen before, it said "focus", so I pressed it, and hey presto! my camera worked again! I am so glad I discovered this before I sent it off, and avoided an embarrasing phonecall telling me I was "stupid"! I just have to phone them up now and declare myself stupid!!

So I can now go and photograph all the things I have been busy making recently. As well as taking photos of those moments that really are wonderful in their ordinariness. I have missed having my camera.


  1. Oops, at least you've saved yourself the ostage and time for it going to the manufacturers.
    Look forward to seeing what you've been making :)

  2. Hehe.

    Can't wait to see your makes.

  3. Ah well :) I keep meaning to actually read my manual instead of discovering things like that for myself - eventually. Looking forward to some photos now. xx

  4. lol I have done that before, worried my camera is broken when really I just had a setting wrong - very embarrasing isn't it.

  5. hehehehee, that's funny. Glad it's not just me that does things like that!


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