Sunday 14 November 2010

Fun telling stories

Alec, Ethan, Sophie and I all went to a story-telling workshop today. It was run by the Friends of Bishops Wood. About 1/2 an hours drive away, but so worth the journey. A handful of people there, all listening to different stories, recounting stories, looking at what composes a story, lots of pointers for when Ethan requests a made up story at bed time, something I struggle with when my brain as switched off! We also ventured outside to find inspiration from the natural world, using leaves as frogs, acorn cups for a monkey, and sweet-chestnut husks as a garden.

We had a wonderful time, Ethan wants to go back for every monthly event they put on! Certainly we will return there, hopefully for the family forest school experience in February. We also found out about a festival in Shropshire in the summer, full of story-telling.

The boys came away with leaflets about forest school, to give to their respective schools, and I picked up a leaflet about forest school training, a path that might suit me on the near future.


  1. Sounds wonderful, what a lovely idea.
    I struggle to make up stories and borrowed some books from the library recently that have helped - recommended by our lovely librarian.

    Wow, forest school training, what a great idea to ponder xxx

  2. This sounds so lovely, I do love people who have the ability to tell stories. I used to be much better, but being so tired all the time has left the creative side of my brain a bit lacking! We bought some beautiful storytelling cards from Amazon not long ago by StoryWorld. They have been really useful for the children and have fantastic illustrations!
    Forest School is great, would be a great thing to do!

  3. Great sounding day. My elder daughter is a primary teacher and is really keen to do the forest school training, but funding cuts mean no places sadly. Ah well, she will be on extended mat leave soon. xxx

  4. Do try to get to Festival at the Edge if you can - it's wonderful and totally family friendly. There are stories for all age groups and good folk music too.


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