Saturday 1 January 2011


This Christmas had a few low points for me. Spending it in a gorgeous house, in a wonderful part of the world was lovely, but the house is up for sale (was for sale last Christmas too), but this time it was all too much. I had done all the dreaming the year before, but this time it just seemed to rub salt in a wound. It doesn't all come down to money (even though that is a big factor) there are other factors to consider, which all boil down to the fact that at this point in time, a move to country just simply isn't possible. I just wanted to stop dreaming, stop hurting myself with possibilities that just couldn't happen.

But, what would life be without dreams, what would be point?

I dream of ...
a Rayburn...
...a family garden and farmhouse...
...for the children to grow up with the freedom the countryside offers.So, with my dreaming head on, this would be a granny flat, or holiday lets.
and Stuart reckons a high roofed conservatory replacing the present one, and joining up with what would be his office.
But back to reality, to now, the only thing that I can do something about. I am going to treasure every moment this new year brings. Be grateful for having family close by, and the time to spend with them. Create a beautiful, loving home right here in the town, and get my nature fixes at every opportunity. This year is going to be wonderful, and as for that house, well I can dream!


  1. To quote Captain Sensible (at his most uncool) "You've got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream, how you gonna make a dream come true?!"

    Maybe it's not to be just now but it's for a reason, maybe there is a better house waiting for the right time? Maybe it'll be all the more magical if you have to wait? Dreaming is no bad thing.

    Happy new year! xxx

  2. You carry on dreaming, dreams are good, even if they hurt a little sometimes. xxxx

  3. I know how frustrating it all is Claire. Hold on to your dreams - they can come true. Until then, practising contentment is a good way to "be". Blessings and love for the New Year. xx

  4. How I share those dreams Claire, a country girl myself it feels totally alien to be bringing up my girls in a built up area without that freedom. But hold on to those dreams they are what give us something to reach for and one day to achieve. New year hugs and wishes to you and the whole family xx

  5. Oh, Claire, don't ever give up dreaming. You know, we have struggled for years to get to where we are now. We sold our house in 2005, thinking that we'd done it, we bought the land, we talked to the council about our plans, they took our fat cheque for planning application and then a few weeks later, we were chucked off the land because the neighbours all reckoned we were gypsies and lots of our possesions (which were in a caravan, just waiting for us to move in) got stolen one by one. Instead of beginning our dream home, we ended up moving with three children and a tiny baby into my mother's tiny spare bedroom for seven months and then into a house which was even smaller than our previous one with a miniscule garden and houses overlooking us on every side. Sometimes I'd just cry out for fresh air, space, neighbours that weren't so petty about tidiness and weeds, I felt like we'd gone backwards totally and that we'd never be able to afford a place with space. I felt stupid for thinking that we could do it and for dragging our children around the county in pursuit of our dreams. We lived in that house for five years and now we have eventually moved and I feel so happy here, it was worth every second of waiting. But I have sat and cried my eyes out when, as you say, the dreaming got so painful and felt so far away. Don't give up, don't ever give up. There is obviously a country girl inside you and she will find a way!!!

    Keep dreaming, you never know what is round the corner. xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Keep on dreaming ... have a great 2011!

  7. *hugs*

    Life is full of surprises I've found. So you never know.


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