Thursday 30 December 2010


After having to put our Christmas plans on hold for one day due to another snowfall, we braved it on Thursday to get to the cottage we had rented in North West Wales. The journey was breathtaking, the dramatic landscape of Wales transformed to a winter wonderland. The only hair-raising bits were trying to get out of our hometown, and once we got within about a mile of the cottage at the other end!

Having safely arrived, we busied ourselves with decorating the place, ready for the big day. And Christmas day itself started earlier for some than others! Ethan woke at 2am, at 3am had a sneaky peek downstairs to see if Santa had been, and then fell asleep again at 6am. Luke started clock watching at 5am. So 6.45am was the latest we could drag it out to!
Presents were opened at varying rates of knots! And before sunrise there was lego building happening!
The rest of the time there was filled with wonderful activity, lots of card playing, along with games such as Quirkle, and Settlers of Catan (yeah, we eventually got our heads around it, and have fallen in love with it)
The obligatory WarHammer battle
And lots of reading. Luke got a "how to build a go-kart" book, so is now requesting a trip to B and Q!

A trip to a local-ish park, very soggy, but very much enjoyed.
It was another wonderful family Christmas. I loved the fact there was no internet, games consoles or even telly. But as soon as we got back home, old habits returned! I am determined however to be strict with myself, and lead by example in limiting screen time.
The journey home was punctuated by the most stunning scenery. The photo does not really do it justice.
Hope everyone has enjoyed their festive time too.


  1. Lovely, glad you managed to get away too. I bet the scenery was just wonderful round there.


  2. What a lovely christmas you had.
    We are going to be much stricter with internet time around here too........says I ;-)
    New year wishes to you all.

  3. That last photo made me gawp!! Just beautiful.

    Glad you had a good christmas

  4. What a wonderful Christmas! And I'm glad you got to grips with your board games lol!


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