Sunday 12 December 2010

Does it feel like Christmas yet?

I have been getting worried. We are well into December and the festive season seemed to be passing us by. I was beginning to wonder what makes it feel like Christmas? Is it the coming together of various projects?

The decorating of the tree?
Or the rest of the house?
The putting up of outside lights?
Or something else?
I know whatever it is, it has eventually reached us. We are all looking forward to Christmas, with spending time together with extended family.
Hope you are all beginning to feel festive too


  1. I know what you mean - think mine finally arrived today.

    Lovely pieces you've made there and the damson gin is such a beautiful colour.


  2. Yay, ours is here too, as you know ;-)
    Although it's still a hesitant arrival, it's definitely making itself known.
    Lovely festive decorations.


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