Monday 20 December 2010

Snowed-in craftiness

Well, we are in effect snowed in. Places are walkable to, as long as I don't take Sophie with us, which is not very feasible. So we have been enjoying being at home, and getting on with the gingerbread house. Sophie helped roll it. The boys decorated it (Sophie just ate as many sweets as she could lay her hands on!)
They all enjoyed this, but now the pressure is on to eat it! I think tradition is that you leave it til after Christmas, as the house is somewhere for the gnomes to live during the festive period.
Hopefully, they will be very happy there.
Remember Ethan started showing an interest in knitting? Well the other day he picked it up again, remembered how to do the knit stitch, even noticed that when I was doing a purl stitch that it wasn't the same as what he knew. I was impressed. Just look at the concentration on his face!

And then Alec wanted a turn, so Ethan acted as mentor and oversaw what he was doing. (Don't know why Alec had his hat on, really it is not THAT cold inside!)
Wishing you all peaceful solstice.


  1. Solstice blessings to you all xxxx

  2. Solstice blessings. Lovely gingerbread house x

    Your boys look great with their knitting - such concentration, magical that they want to share in your craft love.

  3. I love that gingerbread house, can I be rude and ask if you have special sized cutters to make the walls etc? I'd love to have a go doing this for one of the children's birthdays.

    I'm impressed that your boys want to learn to knit. My two boys seem to think that it's only for girls, despite me telling them the history of knitting etc etc. I love the concentration on their little faces, good for them! xxxx

  4. To make the house you just have to make sure the walls are the same height (in this case 5" tall) the roof was 4" so had to make sure the gable end had 4" slope, and that the roof length was the same length as the long walls. It was supposed to be a bit longer, but it wouldn't fit on the baking tray, so I just shortened it all. I drew it out on paper, and used that as a template to ensure the opposing walls were the same.

  5. Goodness what a fantastic looking gingerbread house! We're pretty much snowed in too, although I have to go out tomorrow as cabin fever is setting in. Wishing you a lovely Yule, Christmas and New Year! :)


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