Tuesday 11 January 2011

A sense of urgency

There seems to be alot of people struggling at this time of year, either with weather, illness, or just life. So I feel a bit guilty that things are going well at the moment! I do long for the new growing season, but this year I am reminding myself of the chaos that comes with suddenly needing to do loads of things outside as well as inside, I always feel split in two, and never do anything particularly well. So this year, I am using this lull to its greatest potential. To get as much done and straight as possible now so I hopefully have less pulling me to do things inside once the growing season starts.

I want to get my head around this spinning lark! And really get to grips with my cello. That alone would keep me busy, but they are the treats I give myself when I have got on with a few household management tasks that are LONG overdue. I don't think I have ever washed any of the curtains in the house (and we've been here for nearly 11 years! URGH!!) so that is another thing to get done.

I am grateful for this natural lull in life, I don't think I could manage everything without it, but I am also determined to make the most of fewer immediate demands, and enjoy the luxury of sitting crafting, or tackling a job that has been long neglected, as well as spending much more time doing whatever the children fancy. Whilst on one hand it seems very relaxed, there is also a sense of urgency to get all these things done now the days are lengthening, and the ground starts stirring.


  1. Yes I've noticed that people are struggling to get back into rhythms etc too. I find January a slow month usually but have got myself more motivated this year - part planning the seed sowing to commence soon, and part lots of craft.

    I had wondered if you'd had a go with your spinning wheel yet, you must share a picture of her sometime soon x

  2. I am itching to start the growing season, but just like you I am trying to get all the boring jobs done, (although curtain washing is best done when the sun is shining and they can dry outside!) It would be lovely to get to March time and have some uninterupted time to dig and plant, it is very near now!

  3. I never wash curtains; the ones in our front room have been up 13 years. I may have hoovered the dust off them once...

  4. I am enjoying sorting out indoors at the moment whilst waiting for the garden to wake :-) You have a deal, I will wear one of those gorgeous dresses if you wear your lovely hooded coat :-)

  5. I share you feelings Clare! Hope you get a nice bit of time to yourself too, among all the chores xx


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