Friday 14 January 2011

Excited about wool

So here's a picture of the wheel all set up and treated. I would love a corner in the lounge to have it set up, but alas, there is not enough space, so a corner behind the dining room door has to do! My first attempt at spinning, using some wool I'd bought for wet felting. Very fiddly as it was in short amounts, so there was alot of joining on, and it seemed that as soon as you got a rythm going that I had to stop again. It is very slubby, and varies wildly in it's thickness, but I am determined to make something with it!
And look what I've ordered! A 500g bag of waste wool. Perfect for practicing! And there is a decent amount of the brownish colour on the left, might even be able to make something useful! There is some wool that needs carding in there too, so a chance to practice that!
And look what I found when I ordered some fish with the organic box! Wool insulation! I was very tempted to not return the bags, and use the wool instead. I might still approach Abel and Cole to see what happens with the bags at the end of their life ( surely a good wash and the wool would be useable?
And to top it off, I have approached our local Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers (in Stratford) and their next proper meeting is a practical in spinning! Can't wait!!!!


  1. I love your spinning wheel and the wool on the spindle is a beautiful colour, looking forward to seeing what you spin!

    I had some wool packaging just like yours when I ordered a meat box from Sheepdrove. They used to ask people to return their boxes, but they don't any more and tell you to compost them instead. I used my wool insulation for wrapping round the yard tap to stop it freezing!! I'm glad it's not just me that looked at this and decided it was worth keeping!

  2. Your first attempt looks great! I haven't really got going with mine yet - so much going on getting organised to go back to the croft, but there is a spinning group meeting there in a couple of weeks.

  3. That spinning looks great - gorgeous colour too.


  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely ... I've looked forward to meeting your wheel. Lovely colours on your spinning, get your rhythm first and you'll be able to control the thickness later. Definitely make something with this first spinning, for yourself to remind you it is your first handspun, you'll treasure it.

    Lovely bag of wool too - is that a World of Wool waste wool bag? I get those sometimes for felting - lots of various fibres and colours, will be great for practice. To help get your spinning less thick with the commercial roving, just tease it apart widthways gently.

    Have fun at your guild meeting, hope it's a good group and you have fun - what luck that the meeting is about spinning - you'll be able to pick up lots of tips. Oh and if it's anything like ours - lots of bargains on the sales table ;)

    Thanks for sharing Claire, have fun xxx

    (I have lots of raw sheeps wool of you fancy any more to practice on - have promised some to Jacqui which I really must get sent! Could send you some unwashed to go through the whole process or washed if you prefer and then you can card it, etc - just let me know)


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