Sunday 23 January 2011

Cooking up a storm

Lots of willing helpers in the kitchen at the moment, from food preparation... whole meals being cooked.
Luke made the Saturday evening meal again. We had mini toad-in-the-hole, and the left over batter made the rather impressive yorkshire puddings above. He has been using this Sam Stern book for recipes and inspiration, it seems a good middle ground between the cook books aimed at pre-schoolers and the fancy cook books of some well-known chefs. Just right to wet his appetite in cooking. And to top it off he is making Leek and potato soup at school tomorrow.
Sophie has been getting in on the act too. I was a bit late doing lunch the other day, so she decided to do lunch for us. Bananas anyone?
And continuing with the cleaning and decluttering. Before...
...and after!
Still a box to go through, but a vast improvement!


  1. Wow, the bedroom floor looks amazing.

    Wish my elder boys would show some inclination to help in the kitchen. One day maybe?!

  2. Wow they are seriously impressive yorkshires, yum!!
    I love the bananas for lunch, mine have done similar when pushed by my terrible lateness of lunch, lol.
    The cook book looks fab, a lot of the childrens cookbooks are all cakes and sweeties, this looks really useful. Oh isn't clearing up a never ending task, the floor looks fab though!


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