Friday 7 January 2011

Proud mama

Not that it has anything to do with me, he's just my son who has a flair for writing! Luke had to write a poem about flight for his creative writing class, and the results were a stunning poem, which earned him a head teachers commendation. He has given me his permission to reproduce it to share with you all.

Flight by Luke

Gracefully gliding through the ocean of sky,
Delicate creatures of flight soar like a thin slither of glass,
Drifting, diving throughout the wild ebony night sky,
Wind gallopping through their fluffy, furry feathers,
Like raging Italian stallions, bounding out of a fiery field.
Wings erupting outwards from it's fragile body,
The darting arrow vaults another mile in a blink of an eye.
Spotting the truly minute speck of dust that is the soft ground,
The bolt fires, plummets, plunges towards the landscape.
Aerodynamic beak ripping through the bitter air,
Like a diving stone descending to the ground.
A gargantuan flick forms a barricade,
Preventing this phenomenal sensation from plunging into the ground.
Attacking the sky once again with it's mammoth wings.
The elder pounds like a ferocious tiger,
Climbing, climbing, climbing.
Patiently perched on the steep cliff edge,
Our commanding Aquila Chrysaetos waits;
Always waiting.


  1. Wow that is very good writing Luke, no wonder you got a head teachers commendation. Well done, you have a real talent for creative writing, enjoy it and I look forward to reading more one day maybe x

    Well done mama too, I know it is Luke's hard work but mama had a lot to do with the raising, praising and encouragement. xxx

  2. Amazing, well done Luke and Mama xxx

  3. That is amazing writing - I can really feel the flight! x

  4. Oh my goodness! It soars. Well done. Xx

  5. Fantastic! You must be very proud indeed! I used to love writing poetry at school, I hope he continues, he obviously has a real talent there.


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