Thursday 8 April 2010

What a difference a day makes!

The chickens are back to normal, with us not having to throw away the eggs.

I have my eye on this patch of lush green nettles (about the only thing the chickens won't devour in the garden!) for nettle soup.

My long awaited parsnip seeds have germinated (I nearly threw them out, thinking I had another thing to add to my list of veggies that won't grow for me, as Mum has always germinated the parsips in the past!)

A choc-abloc mini greenhouse.
Rhubarb in a nappy bucket!

And yet more sowings, all done by Ethan and Alec, of sweetcorn, pumpkin, courgette, leeks, sunflowers, and purple sprouting.
I could get used to this sun and warmth, I hope it stays around for a while. Even though we were housebound today (due to the front door being stubborn, and not closing!) the sun lifted our spirits no-end, as well as getting our hands in the earth. Making us feel as high as a soaring bird, but grounded, all at the same time.


  1. Nothing like a sunny day to get us all outside sowing.
    We've been picking some lovely fresh nettles recently too - lovely :-)

  2. The sun does make everything a bit brighter. I keep watching our nettle patch, willing them to grow just a wee bit more :)

  3. wonderful, happy times
    great photos xxx


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